Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fresh Meet


I have been wanting to get back into the swing of things for a minute...or two.  But apparently I had a little more procrastinating to do first.  I debated a bit on whether to delete my past posts and start fresh or to leave them as a reminder. (or in case someone new accidentally clicked on my blog and wanted a little affirmation that I have always been pretty boring.)  Either way, my little finger checked all the boxes and hit delete faster than my brain could say "well, there goes all our blog views."  

So, here we are.  Starting anew.  "in a sea of deep blue, together as one, together us two."  If you didn't just get that reference then you just learned two things...(go you!) 1) I am old enough to know that McDreamy the doctor was McRonny the lawn boy first and 2) I have rabbit brain.  I'm also pretty sure I just dubbed a new Urban Dictionary term with that one.  So UD makers, if you're reading this, "Rabbit Brain" is when you are thinking of one thing and immediately a reference to something else entirely different comes to mind but is still attached to the first thought as a derivative.  You're welcome. 

Now here are a few things that you should at least know about me.  I am not perfect...let's just put that out there to avoid argument's sake later.  I am honest.  Example:  If you use the incorrect form or your and you're, I think it is only fair to tell you I am probably going to point that out.  Because that's what real friends do.  I am very good with words and advice but my listening and taking of it myself is...let's just say it "needs improvement." And most importantly, the ellipsis is my favorite form of punctuation.   

Now on to the good stuff and what you will be oh so obliged to by reading my little ol' blog.  Here are a few...(<---ellipsis) laughs, fashion, recipes, random info, diet food mood swings, and an occasional rant.  My goal is to keep a few of you entertained and keep ish light and positive up in this bish.  

I may occasionally use the "proverbial reference" swear word (or no reference at all, and just the swear word) but you will also come to know that I love Jesus so you should feel at ease that He and I have an understanding on that one.  

So welcome to my world, hope you all enjoy some laughs.  Thanks for taking some time to come to my Fresh Meet party.  Feel free to dance, enjoy yourself and have a beverage.  




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